High School

Our curriculum is designed to prepare our students to have a leading role in the 4th Industrial Revolution, providing them the required tools to solve complex problems.

During these three years they will obtain the necessary competences to study in top ranked universities.


Jobs in the present and future will focus on the production of goods, the efficiency of processes , the technological development and the innovation.
There is the promise that amongst new generations, professionals with STEM background will have a better professional performance.


Our students will engage in a meaningful conversation , understand and interpret spoken and written language , present information , concepts and ideas.
These subjects are taught in English:

  • English (Reading, grammar and writing).
  • Math.
  • Biology , Physics , Chemistry.
  • Geography and World History.


It is the pedagogic approach which involves students in the labor world, as it combines hands, hearts and minds through practical , rigorous projects ; providing authentic learning experiences that are customized and transforming.


Through this program our students understand basic concepts about environmental care, analyze different industries and the impact they have had in the world.
We also encourage research so they become aware of the actions accomplished in Mexico in ecological topics.

Per an annual certification process, they understand international standards and the importance of systematized processes to achieve a goal.


It is a project that raises awareness in our students about the needs and problems of vulnerable people , thus allowing them to become committed and develop attitudes of solidarity, tolerance , cooperation and respect.


They promote a healthy school life and violence-free environment through observation strategies, analysis, reflection and practice in a every day basis.


Provides students with a frame for analysis and reflection to acquire basic knowledge about ethics , religion and philosophy which will allow them to make decisions and solve real-life issues.


It is a simulation where students from different schools or universities represent diplomatic members of the UNO becoming delegates of a country. They must be prepared in cultural, political, economical and social topics to debate and solve real life situations.