Early stimulation classes are an ideal guide for moms, where in a systematic, organized and coordinated way, they performe exercises to develop the babys brain functioning from the first (and most important) months of age.

Both mom and baby begin
the adventure of discovering the world together through music,
vivid colors, variety of textures and exercises, always guided by a
highly specialized instructor, which guarantees sessions of tons of learning, development, laughter and fun.

Our program called “Baby Gym Báltico” is designed to accelerate the development of children with age-appropriate activities, always seeking to promote the cognitive, linguistic, motor and  social development of the toddler.

Giving your little one the opportunity to develop from the very
beginning, through varied and quality exercises, is helping him an
opportunity to understand and enjoy more of the world around
him. Help him reach his full potential at this important stage of
development and live together this wonderful experience.